Democrats Continually Claim "No Evidence of Voter Fraud" or "No evidence of Mail-in Ballot Fraud"

What do they call these?

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1,071 Proven Cases of Voter Fraud (PDF File)

1,290 Cases of Voter Fraud by State

Election re-run in NC after voter fraud inquiry

10's of thousands of mail ballots tossed out in 2020 Primaries (source Liberal Washington Post)

1 out of every 5 (~20%) Mail-in ballots rejected as Fraud in Patterson NJ election May 12, 2020

June 23 2020 NY Primary still up in the air as of August 4, 2020

UPDATE!  84,000 New York Mail-in ballots disqualified!

20% of Ballots undeliverable in Nevada!

Oregon & Washington 2020 Primaries, 95,585 voters listed as "ACTIVE" never had a chance to vote.

Texas AG Announces 134 Felony Voter Mail  Fraud Charges in 2018 Primary

Entire Trays of Full of Mail Including Ballots found in Ditch in Wisconson